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Interfaith Inclusion Social Impact Youth Group

Our Mission: We are striving to promote tolerance and unity amongst all of the world religions or belief systems by learning about one another and focusing on similarities over differences. Our goal is for everyone to be free to practice their faith and belief system without having to worry about what others think of them. So many of the world religions have a multitude of similarities and that is what people should be focusing on. 

Who we are

Adam is a senior at St. Mark's school of Texas and the founder of the Interfaith Youth Social Impact Group. He comes from a background with a Jewish father and Muslim mother and decided to take action after traveling to Pakistan and seeing firsthand that being a non-Muslim is not an option in a country like that. Since then Adam has worked to ensure that people of all religions, beliefs, and bi-religious backgrounds are able to focus on similarities over differences and founded this organization to help make that a reality. 

Adam Kappelman


Sehva is a sophomore at St. Stephen's Episcopal school in Austin and part of the leadership team with a focus on content creation. She comes from a background with a Sikh mother and a Southern Baptist father. Sehva is very active in Destination Imagination and believes strongly about inclusivity.  

Sehva Faulkner

Leadership Team Content Development

Shantiv is a senior at St. Mark's school of Texas and part of the leadership team.  He comes from a background of Hindu parents but believes in tolerance, acceptance and understanding of all faiths.  

Shantiv Monga

Leadership Team Content Development

Anita is a senior at Parish Episcopal School in Dallas and part of the leadership team focused on graphics and content creation.  She comes from a background with a Hindu father and a Catholic mother.  Anita is very active in the Parish Rover team and passionate about inclusion, tolerance and acceptance.  

Anita Mahtani

Leadership Team Content and Graphics

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